Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Here's my American Idol Assessment

I know..I have no idea why I get sucked into this...

If Ruben doesn't win the competition, then I'll be shocked.

Kim really isn't strong enough to pull it through, although she's good. She was slightly flat at the start of her first song, but her second number was a nice, jazzy arrangement.

Josh Grecin is terrible. He can only sing country songs reasonably well, and during his first number, he pulled one of my all time pet peeves, the "Look My Eye Is Dry" (point finger to eye and pull lid slightly down) move. People who engage in this particular performance violation should only be allowed to play the Sands in Vegas, and at that, only at three in the morning.

Howdy Doody is good, and his first song was fine, but Simon's assessment a few weeks ago was dead on: he should be playing in "Phantom of the Opera," not vying to be the American Idol. His diction is way too perfect for pop. I haven't heard such perfectly enunciated words since Abba disbanded.

Ruben sings with heart and soul. His voice is beautiful. I get chills when I hear him sing.

Okay, that's enough of this crap!

*flicks off television*
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