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(And then I'll shut up)

Josie bought "The Very Best of Cher" CD recently. I listened to it on the way home tonight. Okay, is this truly her very best? I hope not!

In fact, there is some real bad stuff on this disc, including "One by One," "All or Nothing," and "All I Really Want to Do," which may have some historical interest, but is almost as bad as her absolute worst song, "Kids." (Which my friend Joyce and I used to laugh about for hours after we first heard it.) No, actually it's not. It's not even that interesting. And let's face it, "Half Breed" has always been "Half Baked."

The only interesting thing about this album is how it contrasts with the Greatest Hits album Cher released a few years ago (the one that has her bum on the inside disc). That one was released before "Believe" was a hit (and I "believe" that I like the South Park parody better, by the way). The song selection on that far better album displayed more of a tougher edge, with the only frankly disco song being "Take Me Home." (Which is still my fave Cher song.)

This new CD portrays her as a disco Queen through and through. In fact, many of her songs (particularly "Strong Enough") sound like continuations of "Take Me Home." I actually don't mind this aspect one bit. But if they had just taken out some of the boring songs, I wouldn't have to use my scanner so much...
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