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Presenting...Monkey Boy!

When I was a kid and first started to keep a journal, I used to record my thoughts in the third person. I would pretend that I was " Vern Slater" (hence my email address), whose mission in life was to chronicle the adventures of my family. So everything about my life was written from distance, and many of the entries had very little to do with me at all. Instead I would focus on the lives of my friends. It was written like a soap opera. Somewhere (around the time of Steven) I started to write in the first person.

In a way, it's more interesting to read those old entries, because they read like a soap opera. They're actually more palatable to me than the Steven entries, because those are long and gushy, and just too, too over the top. "Beneath these branches/I once wrote/Such childish words for you..."

We refinanced our house tonight. The attorney was quite fey. Very good looking. Probably totally untrustworthy.
Afterward Josie and I went out to eat, then went to open houses for Ashley and Tiger. I am fascinated by children's drawings. Tiger's class had self portraits hung up all along the wall. He's in kindergarten. It's interesting to see the different stages of mental development exhibited by the level of detail in the drawings. TJ's moving beyond the stick figure phase. He draws a mean Sponge Bob Squarepants.

Saw Josie's play Saturday night. My baby was fantastic! Received the best reaction of all the courtesans for her solo dance. Very naughty and her facial reactions are priceless. I hope she posts some pictures! If she can't dominate you, no one can! And she certainly can crack a mean whip. But I think that her performing fellatio on one of the audience members was probably a bit too much audience participation.

My friend Rob says he wants to run away to join the circus. He wants a job catching trapeze artists when they fall from the tightrope. Me, I'd like to be the monkey boy.

Next edition: "My Life as a French Maid." Friends list only!
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