Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

To quote Bette Davis, or Elizabeth Taylor, or who all...

“What a dump.”

Well, not really, but the Grand Hyatt certainly isn’t on par with the hotel when I stayed in Chicago last year for the last conference I attended.

A good barometer of quality is the condition of the bathtub. Can you get a good bath? If so, you’re usually in good hands.

I tried to stack the deck by visiting Bath & Body Works. Purchased “Moonlight Path” bubble bath, Orange Ginger body wash (for my feet. Oh well, they still smell.), Sudsing Skin Scrub. It was nice, but this was in spite of the fact that the drain wasn’t working properly and it took five minutes for the water to get warm.

The man behind the counter at B & B was clearly gay and extremely flirtatious. About 24, slightly pudgy, black glasses. “Did you realize that with every $20 purchase you can get a free bottle of shampoo?” he breathily intoned.

I touched the top of my shaved head. “Don’t think I’ll have much use for that,” I replied.

“Well, you could use it in other areas,” he said. Hrm.

I haven’t been able to get my email connection to work right. Won’t take as a local call. Very irritating. Thank god for text messaging on my cell phone!

The kids singing at Carnegie Hall turned out to have a mischievous side. A bunch returned at three in the morning and woke everyone up, laughing and talking and just doing what kids do. I thought it was funny, but some of the other people at the conference were loudly declaiming it. “I’m 25 years old now, I just can’t relate,” said one yupitty yup with dark black hair. “I needed my sleep!”

There was also a fire on one of the lower floors. This meant that the alarm went off, and then had to be reset and tested. This lasted for hours.

I’ve spent a lot of my time just walking through Times Square. I just love the spectacle. Last night I saw Chicago . The seats were fantastic! It was well worth the cost. I still think Ann Reinking is the best Roxie Hart. The actress performing last night, Belle Calloway, was very good. Looked a bit like Gwen Verdon. The music is the show (there’s not much story, everyone always says, but I care not), and the dancing was good. “Me and My Baby” was best.

Tonight I saw Rent . I had a great time sitting next to a stout woman with short red hair and black glasses. Large women love me. Her husband didn’t say a word all night, but she held court. Entertained the people in front of us, from England. But my girl acted like the Queen of England. She was evasive about why she was in town. I suspect she’s a famous writer or something. Hey, who knows?

Loved the show. Great voices. The actor playing Roger was out of this world. He had an outstanding voice and a beautiful face. Collins’ reprise of “I’ll Cover You” was amazing, after Angel’s death (but of course I whispered to my friend, “Looks like he’s a fallen Angel now.”) I was crying, and for a play, that’s not a common thing for me. The only thing I didn’t like was Mimi’s “return from the light” at the end and the fact that the faces being flashed during the film were not the faces of some of the actors in the production we were seeing (I know, a necessary evil, but still…)

Tomorrow morning I see Hope. We’re going to lunch to plot writing strategy.

When I grow up I really want to live here.
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