Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Back in black...

Okay, I'm back again...just needed a week to get my head together.

What was great about this past week was that I managed to spend some nights working on Amelia. The time was well spent, and I feel that the work performed (which was mostly cutting) has made it stronger.

I was also able to do a few critiques for my writing group. I really do spend a bit of time of these, and this morning I received a nice thank you for a chapter that I finished at one o'clock yesterday morning.

WOW!!! What an excellent critique. Great suggestions for improvements . Good catches of mistakes. Enough positive stuff to be encouraging, without making me think I can get lazy on the rewrite. You are wonderful.

You could charge money for your services (but please don't).
Thanks a heap.

I'm expecting to get quite a bit of work accomplished this weekend, as I'll be traveling by train to NYC Sunday morning. Sunday night, I'll be going to see Chicago. I've got a great seat in the orchestra, so I am pumped!

Not certain what to see yet Monday, which is an evening where most Broadway theaters aren't opened. Can catch something off Broadway. Currently considering the following:

Adult Entertainment
Barbra's Wedding
Forbidden Broadway
Our Lady of 121st Street
The Donkey Show

Also, I called my friend Hope to let her know I was coming to New York. She asked which days and when I said Monday and Tuesday, she said, "Shoot, I'm at a conference those two days." It turns out to be the same one I'm attending, so we've arranged to have lunch on Tuesday and plot our publishing strategy for Amelia.

Kayla just asked, "Why don't centipedes like people?" I never really considered this. Why don't centipedes like people? We're not that bad, are we? Why can't they just give us a chance!
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