Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

I Dismember Mama Tambien

Piotr's putting together a presentation for a class that's due on Thursday on globalization. He shared with me a document that he's forwarding to the other students in his class, and one of the questions was this:

"If globalization is fuelled by the principles of neoliberalism where everything becomes a commodity (or is supposed to) and is further spread around the globe, then what kind of memory (as a commodity) can we try to predict for the globalized world? Can we assume that, because it cannot possibly be a ‘real’ collective memory (if such exists at all), we’ll all have to share myths? Can memory become homo- or heterogenized just like McDonald’s? Are we supposed to live in a common dream world instead? Or maybe memory has never been ‘real’ at all and this very belief has always been a myth?"

My response to this question was as follows:

"Can a true collective "conscious" memory really exist (which presupposes that a collective unconscious memory does exist, and I believe it does)...I don't know...I don't think it's possible. History, education, even one's personal story...these are all myths. History is slanted to favor those in power, those telling "his" story; education is biased to favor personal and/or departmental biases; and certainly, certainly, none of us truly ever tell our true story--instead we provide a series of at times contradictory images to the world at large dependent upon who our audience is and what we wish to get across. And the edifice of memory is always built upon a tenuous patch of quicksand at best."

I think that this discussion directly relates to the journaling that all of us do on lj. Are we truly expressing all of our "real" thoughts on these pages? To a certain extent, I have been more "real" in my journaling here than I have been in real life, but even so...we certainly do not share everything, do we? We still maintain biases, correct? And yet, if only this document, this here and now, withstands the test of time, without another person's viewpoint to offer balance/guidance, this is the recollection of events that will stand as gospel.

That's why I love that Josie and I maintain separate journals shared by mutual friends. It's a great way to see both sides of the coin during this strange period that we're currently weathering.
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