Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

The "I'm an idiot" thing

Great writing day. I stayed at home (because I had to visit Lauri) and pretty much wrapped up the next edition of my quaterly publication--which, thank you very much, was just awarded honorable mention as "best publication" at the LACP's 2002 Inspire awards.

I still have photos to take--including one of a new manager who wants to dress up as a cow and parade around his office. I personally cautioned him against it, because I don't think he's setting the right initial tone for people who work for him. The "I'm an idiot" thing just doesn't work for me, personally. But he wants to do it, and so he's going to get what he wants, and of course I will craft the..mmm..appropriate text. But be careful what you wish for...hehehe...

My meeting with Lauri was positive. But I still have concerns about my family. Especially after talking to Josie and hearing about Tiger's day in day care. More on this later...
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