Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

See, sometimes I see my life as a piece of cake, when I consider the other problems that so many people on LJ (and in that niggling little thing called "real life") experience. People like X, for example, people who have overcome tremendous obstacles. I admire that so much.

I look at Josie, finding out news about her Dad, and it makes me sad. I never really knew him before he had his first operation. I understand he was quite a guy. I think I met him once, and on that occasion, he was basically yelling down the stairs, asking me to leave, and asking Josie if she smelled smoke.

And I think of Peter, who's in a tenuous situation at work. Coming from Poland, his status is uncertain, even after he secures his doctorate in two years. So he's a bit concerned, and deservedly so.

During my IM with Peter today, he used two interesting words to describe my life. He said I was "lucky" and "stable." I guess considering the political/economic station he came from, thats understandable.

This offers me the proper perspective.
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