Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Working on this huge project at work. It's a presentation that the Senior Execs will be taking out across the country and it's taking up ungodly amounts of time. I'm working on it with another writer, my friend Peg, who has a lot in common with me (we both love to act; we both have a love for the frivolous), but Peg's away interviewing people for a meeting being held in Las Vegas, so it's just me this week. Vunderbar.

Still angling for Atlanta, and I think I can get it, but we'll see. Joe's not too thrilled about me traveling there with the Town Hall presentations pending. Tant pis pour Joey.

But NYC is on for April 13th. Can't wait for that. But what shows shall I go to? Suggestions?

Ruben and Clay are the best on American Idol. I always vote for the geeks. And I love Trenyce. She so resembles Diana Ross.
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