Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Saw Adaptation tonight with Peter.

(WARNING: For those looking to watch this, this could serve as a spoiler!)

No, I won't go off on one of my notorious tirades listing each and every defect in the movie. But I will say that for a movie that starts off with a fairly novel premise: the search of the playwright to truly create a work of art worthy of his source, one that doesn't fall victim to the typical vacuous Hollywood cookie cutter mold dictated by form and genre, the decision to form as the ending, under the guise of "be true to your muse," a fairly genre-conscious sequence involving drug peddling and image protection came as somewhat of a disappointment. Okay, the idea of Meryl Streep playing Susan Orlean as a woman secretly screwing around with the toothless Orchid Thief and doing lines with the dried remains of the orchid itself looks very amusing on paper, and did receive it's share of polite laughs (although everything was so underplayed, it certainly wasn't going to produce belly laughs), but that's not really the point. Are the authors suggesting that there essentially is no way around the question raised, and then responding to that by making a show of showing their disdain for a system that forces them to be shackled (and make money doing so) to such a convention? Surely, yes. Right on?

Afterward, went back to his apartment. Home now. Tired. Today was a confusing day, but the date with Peter was very nice. Very nice indeed. Talked philosophy until twelve. And other stuff.
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