Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Here's to you, Mr. Rogers

I don't have much to say on the subject, although I did love to watch him when I was a kid. I read once that Brian Wilson liked him because he had a soothing voice. Of course, Brian said this when he was stoned and crazy.

I loved his sense of imagination (Mr Rogers, I mean, not Brian Wilson. Although I do love Brian Wilson's...ah, forget it. You know what I mean). I loved the fantasy world that he would create. My Dad hated his show. He would always make fun of me when I watched it. He particularly hated the character Robert Troll. He used to call him "Robert Queer." And he was a bit fey, I will admit that.

Had a date with Peter last night. We stayed in at his house and snuggled in his bed. I left around eleven when he went to walk the dogs. He looked a little sad. I felt bad, but I was feeling homesick.

I was feeling a bit paranoid today at work. I get that way, sometimes. Women have their time of the month, I get this feeling every five weeks or so that everyone hates me. The freakers. The freakers today were directed toward women. Not men, for some reason. I wonder if there's significance in that?

There were two, especially. Anne and Beth. Feeling cold nasties from them today, big time. They can be so cold and nasty, too, sometimes. My friend Jonesy asked me at lunch whether Beth ever smiles. I told him only when she's hacking the limbs off her victims.
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