QUESTION: What's the biggest concern when it comes to owning a house completed surrounded by nothing?

ANSWER: Finding out something is going to take its place.

The other day Corb and I received a letter in the mail that kind of turned our world upside down.

We didn't know that at the time. It looked like just a piece of garbage advertising: a plain white envelope, with my name scribbled on it. Corb actually snatched it out of my hand and playfully started opening it up. I don't really think he was prepared for what was inside.

Dear Sir: This is very much in the early stages, but we have plans to develop property behind your house on Pleasant Street. Please call us so we can discuss these plans.

WHAT? Corb and I looked at each other with horror in our eyes. Part of the reason we moved where we moved was that the place was surrounded by trees and isolated from the rest of the world. 

What you see in the diagram above is the reality that we will be living in probably one year from now, Our house is the one in orange. The rest: the woods that they will be cutting down around us. Pretty much everything.

In other words, no more skinny dipping in the pool. SHIT. 

I'll be honest, I've had my mind on other things (mostly work, which is also why I haven't posted much lately), but Corb is really taking this one hard. It's all that's been on his mind, and he's been calling the developer and talking to other people and fretting about it for over weel.

In fact, this morning, after he had gone to City Hall to secure the plan and came home to a bunch of guys in the woods behind us buzzing and cutting and examining, he kind of lost it. 

I had just finished a meeting and needed a break and had come down to hang with him, and the last thing I wanted to do was to think about the house problem. But of course, that's all he was thinking about. 

I've been a little laissez faire about the whole thing. I mean, I don't like it happening, but I kind of feel like progress is progress and you really can't find this sort of thing and as long as we build a big Trumpian fence, it'll be okay. 

So at first it kind of annoyed me that he was so upset, but as I watched him and tears filled in his eyes, I really started to get it. I started to WAKE UP from my stupid Corporate-induced coma and realize what he was saying really was what was important.

"It's not just about the loss of privacy," he said. "I hate that, but it's not just that. It's the fact all the trees are going to be torn down and all that's beautiful around here is going to be torn up and replaced by all these stupid cookie cutter half a million dollar homes. Just like so many other places.

"And once they are built, our house is going to be at risk," he said. "It's going to stick out and if we ever move, the first thing they are going to try to do is to buy it and tear it down. And that means all the history here goes with it. And we can't let that happen." 

So, we have a new challenge on our hands, these next few months. We're being encroached upon.

This is not going to be fun. But we are going to be huge pains in the asses. PROMISE. 




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