The road to Hana. Waikani Falls. 

We park the car past the bridge. Walk down until we reach the small crowd, gazing down at the falls. 

I squint my eyes. "There are people swimming down there. But how did they..."

"The guide says you'll find a path underneath the bridge," Corb says. 

No path on this side. We move back toward the car a bit, pass the other end of the bridge. Look down. A somewhat steep pile of stones and a chain greet us. 

"Go down that?" I look over at Corb, worried. 

"Maybe it's easier on the other side."

We cross the street. It is. 

Down the stones, to the edge of the water. Corb takes off his shoes and dips his feet in. "Cold."

"You going in?"

"Can't. Too much stuff in my pockets."

I take my credit cards out of my shorts. Take off my shoes. Hand over my phone. Strip off my shirt.

"I'm going in." 

The water is cool to the touch, the rocks slippery. Within seconds I am completely submerged. 

I swim to the waterfall. Discover a ledge where you can sit and relax. Feel the cool kiss of the water pouring over my head.

I stay like that for the next five minutes, letting the waterfall engulf me. 

Another touchpoint. Another place to connect when I need to relax. Like the river in XCarat or King Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh. Another place of magic I can turn to in my head, where I'll be connected forever.

Truly. Welcome to paradise. 



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