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Remember how I said Dunn’s Falls was my part of the trip so far?

It was eclipsed in a big way by our day trip to Xcarat this morning.

What always is somewhat tedious about Cozumel (at least, the two times we have been), is the 40 minute boat ride across the water followed by a bus ride to wherever it is you are going.

Both times it’s been so worth the effort, though. Our trip to Cozumel last year led us to a Mayan ruin in Tulum and this year to a huge eco-archeological park in Xcarat, which the tour guide described as the “Disney of Mexico.” I’m not sure if that’s really true, but I have to admit, the high point of this trip--or really any one I’ve taken traveling-has to be the 120 km glide through a massive water tunnel, both above ground and under, that took us one hour to complete.

It was like one humongous lazy river, only so much lovelier. Being such a water lover, and surrounded by the lush tropical vegetation and exotic animals, I was in absolute heaven. At the end of the river, I forced Corb to stay in for twenty minutes more, because I honestly didn't want to leave.

Yes, that. Take THAT photograph in your head. It blows yesterday's waterfall away.

It reminded me of when I was ten years old, and a lovely inlet in Cape Cod that I would swim down for hours. I love feeling like a kid again.

At the center of the underground portion, you looked up to see the following tiled ceiling. It was like a cathedral.

On the way back, we tried to stay awake while our boat tossed rather violently to and fro. An older man and woman tried  in vain to get people to buy jewelry and rugs. Behind us, an older man kept up an ongoing racist dialogue to his wife about the Spanish people around us. I wanted to say, “Dude, life under Trump does NOT give you permission to be so obnoxious, especially to people in a Spanish-speaking country where you are definitely the minority.” But I decided it was best to hold my tongue.

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That looks wonderful. Is that colourful cemetery real?
I can just imagine you floating down that water tunnel.
The ceiling is spectacular!
A natural lazy river, that sounds divine!