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Dunn’s Falls. Favorite excursion of the trip so far. Although I heard some people say they didn’t like the artificiality of the port we docked at in Jamaica (which had been funded by Royal Caribbean expressly to accommodate the large cruise ship we had taken), I was happy to overlook that because I thoroughly enjoyed checking out the underground caves in the morning and especially, spending the afternoon climbing up a 1,000 foot waterfall.

I think the more active adventures are the ones that mean the most to me. They’re the ones that actually create an impression. I mean, that of course stands to reason, right?

But it’s the experience of swimming with dolphins or getting lost in a public bus or checking out an Aztec ruin that provide you with the greater return. Not the sitting around or walking from here there or waiting at a food line to gobble up the next round of buffet style food, like pigs at a trough. 

No, it’s the thrill of the chase. Feet cautiously moving forward to find the next safe stone, hands linked with Corb to move up to the next spot in the waterfall, warmish blue water cascading down and splashing your legs. A quick dip into deeper hole created over thousands of years by nature.

I’d give anything just to hang out by the waterfall at Dunn’s Falls for a day or two.

I think it may become a go to spot in my mind. Like sitting and dreaming at King Arthurs Seat in Scotland, years ago, when I was an actor at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

It’s good to have connections in your mind from all across the world.

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Really envious of your trip to Jamaica, it looks wonderful. I'm in total agreement about experiencing the real character of a place rather than getting cooked on a beach or spending all the time eating and drinking, as nice as that can be.

Arthur's Seat darling, not foot *giggles*.
Thanks for the correction, Mouse :)

I could not go into a cave for a million dollars!
Why not?
Ahhhh...I get that!
I'm glad you had such a good time! I have such mixed feelings about Jamaica, having lived there for two years, but I love being able to experience it again through friend that visit. :)
Oh? What did you dislike about it?
It's a really, really different place to live and work than it is to visit. We had a tough time with the culture and gender and sexuality and the school system was really hard on the kids. But seeing it through the eyes of visitors helps me remember the nice parts.
It’s good to have connections in your mind from all across the world.

That, my friend, is indeed a good thing.

I'm glad you made such good memories.
I have some really good memories of TexasT's and The Queen invading Jamaica. We spent a week. Very interesting trip that was...

Spent a lot of it stoned out of our minds, but it was "authentic" to say the least...

Alas The Queen is long gone at this point but I do have all those somewhat hazy (through the mists of Time) wonderful memories. I can only hope she does too. Wherever the fuck she is...
Enjoying your trip vicariously ;)