Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

The Curious Case of the Tantalizing Turkey

One month before the huge Thanksgiving dinner at Green Victoria and the age old fight has already begun: which of the kids will be eating with me and Corb?

See, since Josie and I split, each year, we switch off the kids for two of the major holidays (Thanksgiving and Easter). Well, Ashes and Theo, at least. Poor Annie is always stuck going with Josie to eat at her mother. The problems of being Grandma's favorite child.

This time, however, Annie announced she would be going with us, once she found out the shindig was at our place. That left us with the problem of which of the other kids is going.

Don't get me wrong, Lisa's mom host a lovely dinner. She is a terrific cook. It's just that the space is kind of small and people sometimes like to bicker there. Plus, my mom makes the best stuffing in the whole world.

You'd think it'd be simple, right? Simply look back at the previous year and determine who went then. The problem is, no one ever remembers who exactly went, and I'm not always good at writing it down in my journal.

And, there's one other problem: Theo likes to lie.

Same problem this year. "You went last time," Theo informed Ashes the other day. "I remember it well."

Well, Ashes has a TERRIBLE memory. She couldn't remember. When she asked me, I had a good memory of Easter (Theo went), but not Thanksgiving. So, rather than accept her fate, Ashes did some digging on Facebook. Isn't modern technology wonderful? And, on Theo's Facebook page, she found this photo, which she gleefully presented to Theo. "See? YOU were at Thanksgiving with Dad! It's my turn."

Ah, but she was dealing with Theo! And he didn't miss a beat. "No, you're wrong. That's from Easter," he replied.

And the thing is, Ashes believed him for a moment! She was actually going to give in! He would have totally gotten away with it! But then she stopped for a minute. Looked at the photo again. Can you spot the tell-tale clue?

Elementary, dear Watson! "Waitaminute. If you're so sure this is Easter, why is everyone holding a freaking turkey in their hand?"


So this year, Ashes is going to be guest number 20.
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