Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria


Me, my brother and my dad. Out painting the town.

Saturday was a day out with my family. Me and Corb, along with my sister Kerrie, my brother, his fiancee, Mom and Dad. We went to see a quite good production of Wicked at PPAC, then ate on Federal Hill at a restaurant called Costantino's. Then, a few bars with Tommy and his fiancee.

A great time was had by all. And then, Corb and I decided to make our announcement. It's been something we've been discussing for the past few weeks. Something we had almost on announced on several occasions. But it never seemed the right time, or we'd chicken out, or...

Flashback to two hours earlier. "I don't know," said Corb, as we navigated the S curves on our way into Providence. "Should we do it?"

"I think we should," I said, as I idly played with my Android.

"But what will we tell my mother?" he asked.

"We can tell her, too, of course."

Corb frowned. "But how about if she likes it? And how about if she tells Scott and Tina?"

I shrugged. "Just as long as she doesn't tell your crazy Aunt Carol."

Corb bit his lip in agitation.

And now, there we were. Ready to make the big announcement. I looked over at Corb. He looked over at me. We nodded. It was time to take the plunge.

I reached over and grabbed a breadstick. "Corb and I would like to be the ones to host Thanksgiving this year," I said.


"Twenty people!" Corb said to me today. "We are going to have twenty people coming to this thing. At least!"

Yeah. Twenty people, he's right. Because we couldn't just invite my family (That's nine) and my kids (Which will probably only make it two), but he invited his mom (who immediately jumped at the offer, as did Jim). And now, Scott and his family seem to want to go (five)Add Corb and me and you get...

"Twenty," said Corb, looking as if he were having a mild heart attack. "How are we going to fit twenty people in one room? What room should we have this in? How much am I going to need to cook for twenty. Twenty!"

I don't know. I'm kind of looking forward to it. For three years now, people have dropped hints in the family that they would love to see us hold Thanksgiving at Green Victoria. We were almost going to do it last year, but Tommy beat us to the punch, and quite frankly, that worked out for the best, seeing as mom had just started chemo and couldn't travel far. But honestly, even then? There were only about ten of us at that meal. Ten to twelve is usually the norm. And here Corb wants to up and double it. Not one family, but two combined. And of course,m Corb being Corb, he wants the food and the place to look (and taste) spectacular.

Corb is furiously consulting sites on his phone. "It says here we will need a 25 pound turkey at least..."

Twenty people. What are we thinking.

I think it's going to be a grand adventure :)
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