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After all the yard sale-ing and cellar bleaching we did on Saturday, Corb decided to surprise me with a mystery ride to Horseneck Beach the following day,

I haven't been in years, even though it's located close to my parents' beach house. Hmm, maybe that's why I haven't. Who would go to a busy beach in the summer when you can relax at a secluded beach house instead?

Summer's ending, it's after Labor day. And, the weathermen predicted it would rain. Meaning, the beach was pretty empty. There's something kind of special about an empty beach.

Corb and I walked for about seven miles along the shore. Enjoying the feel of the sand squishing between our toes. The salt water licking at our heels. There were more seagulls on the beach than sunworshipers. Some white and fluffy, others gray and skinny. The seagulls, I mean. Are the male seagulls the ones that are white and fluffy? Typical men, all about plumage.

We passed an area full of jellyfish. That was scary. Another area where you'd take a step and your feet would start to squish into the sand. Quicksand gulch.  Another area filled with late season surfer boys. That was pretty,

"I want to rent a beach house next summer," I remarked as we made our way back to the car. Still two miles left until we reached it.

"Maybe somewhere like South Carolina. Myrtle Beach, maybe."

I traced a dirty picture in the sand with my big toe. "I was thinking around here. That way people could come visit us for a day or so."

"But if we rented a place in the Carolinas, we could get other people to pitch in and rent it with us. Your parents. My mom. Maybe Pauline."

"The kids would have to be with us full time, then. If we rented it around here, we could get a free day or two."

Corb snickered. "Like that could happen. One of these days we have to start taking vacations alone."

The thing is, I kind of like having a mix.

Still. Dreaming dreams for this summers ahead. I kind of like that feeling. I kind of like today.

Afterwards, a trip to one of our favorite restaurants, Lindsey's. A lazy man lobster for me. For Corb, his absolute favorite, chicken croquettes. I was tempted to have a martini but refrained.

WHAT I LEARNED: Some days are meant to be cherished.
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