Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Back to the empty nest.

Le sigh.

The past two days have been all about transporting the kids back to college: yesterday, Theo for his second year and today, bright and early, Ashes for her fifth (and final) year.

Ah, it's not that bad. Actually, in a lot of ways, it's a fun routine. Me and Corb and Josie on the road together. Me and my man and my ex-wife. three road warriers in search of a college and then a good meal. So we load up the back of Corb's F-150 to the brim and head out with a kid in tow.

Yesterday to Fitchburg, which has a terribly organized drop-off system. We arrived there at four in the afternoon and were told that they weren't allowing anyone to use the rolling bins any more, as the move-in process ended at five. "Shouldn't you warn people about that?" Corb asked at the registration tent, which they were already starting to take down.

Perhaps the girl behind the desk was intimdated by his 6 foot 5 frame. "I'll squeeze you in," she said, and wheeled over a rolling cart. As it turned out, getting there later makes the process easier. If we had arrived on time, we would have been waiting for two hours to use the elevators to get into the dorms. There was only only way to get in, and only one elevator was going up.

That night we ate at a place called Happy Jack's which does great Mexican. Just the three of us. Theo doesn't like to go out, he just wants to get right into hanging with his friends. Fortunately, Josie and Corb make for good company.

Today to Salem for nine in the morning. Unlike Fitchburg, Salem State has a very organized move-in process. Everyone is assigned a role, the instructions are clear and you actually have a drop off point and a student assigned to help you load up your stuff into the rolling bins and bring it to the room (two elevators, both moving efficiently). They even apologize if you wait too long!

Ashes, who usually does like to eat with us after move-in, opted to hang with her friends instead this year. And also opted to fix up her room without us helping!

That allowed us time to wander a bit and the settle down for a late breakfast at the Fountain Place Restaurant. It was a good meal, although I'm kind of biased: breakfast is always my favorite meal of the day.

And then, back to Eldredge, our job done. Me, dozing off in the passenger seat, Josie, texting away in the back of the truck. Corb, complaining about the drivers in front of him on 93 and having to go to a cook-out for his family later today.

When we get home from the trip I find thirty minutes to write down what we went through the past few days. I like this.

And now begins three months of kid-free (for the most part) living. Life is good!
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