Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

In Which Ted Embraces His Obsession with Doctor Who

I post this here because I can't sound too obsessed on Facebook.

Last night's episode sealed it. In fact, I've already watched it twice. In my opinion, the current season of Doctor Who is the best since series four.

I knew I would like it even from the start, when they announced the names of the episodes in their entirety and it became clear most were going to be two parters. That seemed like a neat trick, and something they haven't done as much of since Russell T left. In fact, this entire season has very much been in the style of Russell T Davies time on the series, which I've  tremendously appreciated. It bothered me quite a bit that Moffat decided to essentially ignore the first four seasons of Who when he took over, except for some characters that he created. It's nice to see that's been remedied.

But on the whole, there's only been one weak episode all season, something I can't always say about the Davies seasons (each of the first four seasons has a clunker of two: Aliens of London in series one, Fear Her in series two, Daleks in Manhattan in series three, The Sontaran Strategem in series four. Oddly enough, quite a few of those are two parters). This series only misstep has been Sleep No More, which I'm not sure I'll ever be able to watch again. The found footage thing was simply too stupid and the episode as a whole made little sense. It was almost as bad as the episodes in the last season involving the moon coming to life and trees taking over the planet Earth, which were the worst concepts this series have ever had (bordering on a Great Vegetable Rebellion level of awful).

Last night's episode was the best of this season, and probably the best since the 50th anniversary special. I expect I'll be watching it several more times. Everything about it was perfect, and it stands up upon repeated viewing. There were things I didn't catch the first time around that only came to me after I knew what was going on.

Looking forward to next week!  
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