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Homemaker tip #365

My cheesy Space Needle shot. Note: there's no bleach in this photo...

Homemaker tip #365: DON'T put bleach into a Febreeze bottle and leave it in the pantry! Your partner who is getting ready to fly may not know you made this decision--and it may end in disaster...

So picture, if you will, you're getting ready for a business trip to Seattle. And THIS happens.

I'm not a huge fan of flying as it is. I don't mind the descent or the mid-section, but everything else...the getting to the airport, making sure you have everything, making sure you're on time for the flight and have enough time to get through security, and then, the getting up into the air part of's not for me! I'd much rather take a train somewhere. It's a lot less of a hassle.

There I am, with an hour to go before I should be getting into my car, working at home a little and trying to make sure I have everything packed. And I smell my T-shirts and I'm like, hey, these don't smell great. Not because they stink because I've worn them, but because our washer hasn't been great lately about cleaning things. If you leave the clothes in the washer for too longer they start to get this funny smell and it carries through into the dryer. I hate it!

So I'm texting Corb and he says, "why don't you grab the Febreeze from downstairs and freshen them up before you leave," and I think, oh, that's a great idea. I head downstairs and find a bottle in the pantry and march upstairs and start spraying away. I get my Pink Floyd shirt nice and wet, and then move on to my "Closed for Monday" shirt, which is at the top of my suitcase, right above my brand new suit. Spray spray spray.

That's when I look at my Pink Floyd shirt and realize it's turning ORANGE.

What? How could this be? I put my nose to the shirt. Why does it smell like freaking bleach?

Realization. The flood we had down in the cellar this past winter. Fighting mold. Corb had gone crazy spraying downstairs with a mixture of water and bleach.


Panic sets in. I notice the bleach has stained the bedsheets, too. Wait, did it ruin my suit? My T-shirts are one thing, but my suit? Frantically, I rummage through the suitcase. Everything looks okay. But what if I get to Seattle and discover they've been stained during the flight? I'd better run to the bathroom, get a towel, wipe everything down. What am I going to do for T-shirts now?

Damn you Corbett...

Anyway, just thought I'd share the following helpful homemaker tip. Maybe it will spare you some grief. Oh, and by the way, Corb's response when I told him I threw the bottle of bleach Febreeze into the trash? "I like that bottle! You can't do that!"

You'll learn to do without, big boy. You'll learn to do without.

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