Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Adelaide, Adelaide, ever loving Adelaide...

Tuesday turned out to be something of a disaster.

See, I was supposed to be at home by 2:30 to drive Ashes' best friend to the bus station in Providence, for her ride back to Springfield. She had been at our house since Saturday, celebrating Ashes birthday. It had been a great four days, including a huge pool party at Green Victoria on Sunday.

Her bus was leaving at 3:15. 3:15, dammit! And I knew that, but work ran late...and then on the way home, I was stuck in a freak thunderstorm...and Ashes was none too quick about getting out of the house. The bottom line: as we were pulling in to the bus station, we watched her friend's bus pulling out. And, there were no other buses headed to Springfield that day. Meaning, I became the designated bus driver. Toot toot!

Well, there went six hours of my life. At least we had a lovely talk with her parents.

This is kind of a long way of getting to my point, which is that because I was home way later than expected, poor Corb had to fend for himself. Feed the animals, order Chinese food (his message to me that day had been: "Remember that day on August 18, 2015 that you bought be Chinese food?" Well, I couldn't.), build an adition to the deck, sit by the TV and play couch potato.

By the time I came home at around nine, I found him sitting in his favorite chair with a blanket wrapped around his legs. I could immediately tell something was up. He looked pale as a--

"Ted," he said. "Something happened again."

"What do you mean..." And then I paused. "Oh."

I haven't spoken about the ghosties that live at Green Victoria for a while, mainly because there hasn't been much to tell. But parties always seem to bring out activity around here, for some reason. Just last year, for example, at around the same time, we had an incident in the basement. From the look on Corb's face, this time was no exception.

"I was just sitting here eating my supper and watching TV. There was this quiet spot during the show, and clear as can be, I'm not lying, I heard a woman's voice over by the stairway saying 'Hello.'"

I could feel the hair on my arms kind of stand up. "Hello? What did she--"

"It wasn't really loud, but clear as can be. She sounded like an older woman. And then, the dog starting barking like crazy, staring straight at that area. Kyra wouldn't stop for about five minutes."

The stairway. That's where we've seen most of the activity, and the dog has reacted before to strange things like that. But this voice, acording to Corb, was different than the dark spot we saw back in October.

"She didn't sound unfriendly. So I wrote to Chase on Facebook..."

Chase is one of the former owners of Green Victoria. He once sent Corb a long message documenting all of the ghosts he encountered in the house. We've seen or heard several of them.

"...and he asked me if it's been a year since we've been in the house. That's how long he says it takes them to show themselves."

We've lived in the place almost two years, but Chase never remembers that. He's apparently good at tracking ghosts, not keeping track of time.

"So what did he say?"

"He says he thinks it's probably one of the original owners of the house. Either a Carpenter or a Horton. He says she's very friendly, ahd she's the one that will touch your hand if you ask her to, nicely."

Well, THAT's not going to happen any time soon. But Corb did do some research that night and discovered that Mrs. Adelaide Horton, the original owner of this house, died on the same day (different year, of course)  he was born. So maybe there is a connection.

As a matter of fact, Corb's birthday is coming up in a few days, too...

Maybe Adelaide wanted to send her best.
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