Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Project: Green Victoria's Backside

This whole summer, the Corbster and I have been knee deep in a huge home improvement project. Let's call it Project: Green Victoria's Backside.

 It's basically our entire back yard, which has always looked lush and lovely, but really hasn't been used much, because it's so filled with mosquitos and greenery that it's always kind of dark and well...itchy. So, we set about to change that this year, by starting a big reconstruction project, including the addition of a pool (and eventually a firepit and sauna).

Here's what the area looked like before our project began. I mean, it's cute, but not exactly spectacular. That's Ping in the upstairs window. Those spidery looking bushes? They are supposed to be nice and lush, but the deer in the woods have gobbled all the vegetation up., those bushes were the first things that had to go. PS: This was also the easiest part of the project.

After that, we cut down a few trees in the back yard and chopped up the wood. That took quite a while, because we had to hire some guys to fell the trees, and then did all the cutting and stacking ourselves. And then, we had to measure out where exactly we wanted our pool to go.

Then for the construction of the pool itself! That took another three weeks: selecting the pool, getting someone to build it for us, hiring an electrician, and then securing the necessary permits. But as of Thursday, the pool was set up and all we had to do was to fill it up with water. That lasted until Saturday night.

But now that it's up, the work doesn't end. Now we plan to add in a deck around the pool, and also, we want to change that window underneath the balcony to a set of double doors that open up onto the deck. Plus, as you can see, we're taking those rocks that used to hang around by the spidery bushes and we are using them to "terraform" the area in front of the pool into a walkway with stops (fire pit, playground, sauna areas) that will truly make our backyard functional.

So, more to come, but pretty happy with the work we have done to date on Green Victoria's backside!
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