Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

They said zero percent chance of rain on Saturday...

They lied. I tried to post a video clip on Saturday of a thunderstorm that Corb filmed at Green Victoria that was absolutely torrential, but Live Journal wouldn't do it. Ah, well! Here's a screen'll just have to imagine this accompanied by booms and rain splatterings.

I find thunderstorms to be incredibly romantic. And kind of scary. Don't you?

Anyway, great week-end. Aside from the thunderstorm on Saturday, went to a family birthday party on Corb's side of the fence. That was pleasant, but it just doesn't feel the same without his grandmother around any more. She is truly missed.

Then went to see Jurassic World. It was fun, but I agree with my son's asessment (as I so often do): most of the characters are really dislikeable, especially the women. The lead female in the movie was (for me at least) really intensely annoying. I think I have problems with severe corporate drones who only look at the profit margin. That she was humanized at the end really meant little, since she had contributed greatly to the ridiculous situation they found themselves in. The  only truly likeable characters: the velociraptors. I gues that's something?

Yesterday was a work around the home day. Mowed the lawn during incredibly humid weather. But on the plus side, we purchased a pool for the back yard! Finally, all the work that we've been doing in that back yard is finally going to pay off . Yeah!

Ashes was good and actually went out and had some major fun with a friend, but she has been off her meds for about three days (they're at Josie's, so I have little control) and it does show. The edge was back...just no major flare-ups.

So, how was your week-end?  

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