Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Opening night hangover

Opening night has come and gone. Things move so quickly around here.

It's been great fun. Everyone has said nice things about my song. I get to ham it up for three scenes and then go backstage and play Scrabble with Abigail Adams. I have beaten her three games in a row and I think she is rather annoyed with that.

Last night we had about 250 folks see the opening. They were appreciative. I am not sure our director was as enthused, because there were several technical glitches with the show. She sent a rather terse email and a list of songs that needed to be worked on before the show tonight. My song was not among them. I think that means I can sneak in a bit later. At least, that's the line I am going with.

My biggest challenge every night is finding a woman in the audience to get to stand up, so I can point out her bosom and whack her on the butt with my riding crop. Such a life! It's been fun, but next time round, maybe I will try for a larger role. MAYBE. Or maybe, I'll just go back to writing and directing. Who knows? Life is full of choices.

Oh yes, and of course, very happy about the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage. But who isn't? I haven't seen that much hatespeak. I must have removed all those sorts of people from my friend's list, I guess...

Tags: theater
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