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Meeting the Joneses



This past week-end we started focusing on the very front of Green Victoria. I've probably never described this well, but the house is set off from the main road, which is great because it reduces the noise level. You have the entrance, a fairly wide driveway that is surounded by trees (kind of making it feel to me like a house in Cape Cod), and then you have the huge arch covered in vines that represents the true entrance to the house.

But before that, you have the side of the road, and it's not really something that Corb and I (or apparently, any of the previous owners) devoted much time or effort into maintaining. Corb and I decided to change that this week-end, by fixing up the left side of the entrance. The right side of the entrance will follow next week.

And what did we discover? Working at the very front of the house gives you an excellent opportunity to meet the neighbors! Or, should I say, for the neighbors to meet you. I tell you, we've been at the house for about a year and a half now, and the only neighbor we've met during that time is 80-year-old Dicky Whitehead, which, as some may recall, was not exactly the happiest of meetings.

In fact, one of the neighbors that we met this week-end brought up the infamous Dickie Whitehead (God I love typing that name) incident. "Yeah, he said that it was like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre going on here," he said, as he kept his two grandkids in line around him.

"Oh my God, was it really that bad?" Corb complained as we started loading more dirt into the wheelbarow after John the neighbor was gone. "I have to go back to Dickie Whitehead and apologize. He must thing I'm horrible."

"Corb, you had just been smashed in the face with a hose!" I said, laughing.

"A hose that was all your fault!"

"Right! So, I think it's forgiveable that you were running around the house screaming 'Fuck you, Ted' at the top of your lungs." Then I smiled and placed a shovel into the large pile of dirt in front of me. "Besides, it's certainly not the first time you've screamed THAT."

Corb frowned. "Yes, but he's an old man. Used to more sophisticated dealings with neighbors. I must go apologize."

I don't know if he actually will or not, but just in case you're reading this, Dickie Whitehead: WE ARE SORRY. It was an unfortunate incident and a bad time to meet with you. It wasn't anything imntentional, it's just that I'm a horrible handyman and should have been looking where I was waving my hose around. It will never happen again.

There, I feel much better.

Anyway, I think poart one of the driveway looks much better. And I can't wait to see what other neighbors I'll meet next week-end!
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