Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria


So, why am I looking so contemplative, you may wonder?

Is it because I am thinking about the Swedish fish martini I am drinking and wondering why on earth I ordered it, because it's so damn sweet that I'm pretty sure it's rotting my teeth with each gulp? Maybe.

Is it because I am thinking about the 11 year anniversary we are celebrating and considering all the many wonderful things Corb has brought into my life? I mean, maybe. Sure, let's go with that.

Is it because Corb forced me to pose like this to take the photo? Yes, there is a strong likelihood that is exactly why I am looking so contemplative in this photo. In fact, he even instructed me on how to hold the glass and which direction to look. I am sure that the patrons of the very manly Eagle Brook Saloon (including the boys baseball team that kept running around in the room next to us) loved watching me posing for this photo.

It might also be because yesterday, with one mighty stroke of my pen, I gave up ownership of the Homestead. Yep, Josie now owns the house outright! After twelve years of paying for her place (and never missing a payment may I add), my years of paying child support have finally at long last come to an end. I made it out alive!

And you know what? After all those years of complaining about the unfair child support system, about how ridiculous it is that I have the kids exactly the same amount of time as Josie and yet have to pay her mortgage plus take care of their expenses, too; after all the times I said I was going to wait until the payments were over and then really go off about how unfair the system is and blahblahblah, you know what I feel right now?

Like I just want to have a few drinks. And enjoy the sense of peace.

Yes, upon reflection, that is EXACTLY why I am looking so contemplative in this photo. Also thanks, Corb, for posing me!
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