Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Plagues of vermin!

ninja squirrel

Zombie-like viruses haven't been the only thing we've been dealing with lately. We've also been living with a pack of flying squirels at Green Victoria.

Aren't they cute? Most of them don't come equipped with light sabers, however. But while they are actually cuter than their larger furry squirrel brothers, are actually friendly, and are far less prone to do damaging things like chewing wires, they also have a few less-than-desirable traits: first off, if you see one in your house, chances are you have at least twenty or thirty. And also, while they aren't destructive because of their chewing, they like to poop a lot, and that causes stains to your ceiling and walls.

The first time we saw one was in October, in our living room, behind a couch. At first we thought the poor little thing had gotten in because we left the door open.

Then about six weeks later, we found a dead one near the washer and dryer. Ping the Merciless had inflicted her wrath. Even as a kitten, she is clearly a little more bloodthirsty than our other two cats. She even walks around everywhere with a fake mouse hanging from her fangs.

Then, around Christmas, we found another one in Theo's room. This was around midnight and consisted of Theo waking me up, and the following pathetic conversation.

ME: "We have to get it out of your room."
THEO: "Yes, you do."
ME: "Hmmm, I'd better wake up Corb."
THEO: "Why can't you just do it? Why do you have to wake him up?"
(Flying squirel moves and inch toward me)
ME: Aggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

After Corb had escorted Rocky out, we realized we had a problem and started doing our research. It's when we started hearing a lot of scratching in the attic.

Turns out, flying squirels are party animals. They like to hop around and play all night long, with their friends. And, they hop around from house to house, so we're just one stop on their traveling tour. They're also best buddies with bats, which is turns out, we also have.

Well, had. Last Wednesday, the Bat Guy showed up at our house and gave them an eviction notice. No, he didn't kill them, either. He just crawled around on top of our roof for the day and holed up all the possible places they could be getting into when the party wagon reaches our place. He also gave the boot to the bats, too.

Personally, I wouldn't want to be a Bat Guy. First of all, I am scared to death of small furry rodents, and secondly, I am terrified of heights. This would not be the ideal combination to qualify for this position. Besides that, he was outside in the cold all day long! Gad, it sounds awful (pays pretty good, however).

Anyway, the squirrels have left the premises (humanely) and Green Victoria is rodent free once more.

Just in time for...gasp! THE STORM OF THE CENTURY! Yes, we are getting a big huge snowstorm tomorow. Big, huge. At least twenty inches. How will we ever survive?   
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