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Rorschach test: What does this wallpaper look like to you?

Crazy week-end. Kind of happy to be going back to work!

Friday, Corb and I took the day off and embarked on one more fling with the kids this summer. We went to New York City and let the kids pick the shows we would see.

Ashes chose Cabaret, starring Alan Cummings and Michele Williams, and it was a good choice. He was marvelous, the staging was clever and visually interesting throughout, she was a great actress with not the best voice (but then, I guess Sally Bowles doesn't really need to have the greatest voice in the world).wallpaper

Theo chose Avenue Q as our Saturday show. I've seen it before, and the kids know all the songs, but I actually think it was kind of appropriate for the two of them to see it, especially with Ashes entering her junior year of college and Theo heading off to college next year.

In between, we visited The Strand bookstore and also ate, of course. I think the best meal we had was at one of those haunted house themed pubs, not necessarily because of the food or the atmosphere (which was kitschy), but because we had a waitress who was entertaining as hell. We went after Cabaret, and even though it was the end of the night, and even though her shift ended at midnight, she sat down and spoke to us until around one in the morning about her life, her goals, and the little person who worked at the haunted house they operate who runs around all day in a diaper wielding a chainsaw.

Turns out he used to be a male stripper, but he quit the biz a few years ago because some of the ladies at the private parties he would attend would want to take him home, anxious to find out what it was like to be with a little person. It became humiliating. So now he's working at the haunted house, in his diaper and with his chainsaw. A few weeks ago, one of the waiters walked in on him going to the bathroom with the stall open. He said his feet was dangling from the toilet.

I want my feet to dangle from the toilet.

Sunday we returned home, and prepared for Ashes to go back to college. We hadn't prepared before this day, BECAUSE WE ARE JUST LIKE THAT SO GET OVER IT. It was an all day undertaking, of course, and exhausting, especially in light of all the driving we did Friday and Saturday.

And yesterday? Yesterday Ashes, went back to school. That is always a grueling experience, with Corb, myself, and Josie forming a caravan to get her there with all her stuff. It always involves a bit of drama (for example, this year, Josie decided to inform Ashes she was not going to pay for a fifth year of college...four was enough, thank you very much). Ashes was not happy. The word slutbag was thrown about.

It all ended up fine at the end, by time we had one last good-bye meal, at the Village Tavern in the center of Salem. It's one of my favorite traditions of the year.

And now, back to work! I leave you with this image, which was the wallpaper in our room in New York. Kind of sensual, don't you think? I see women parts all over the place!

Tonight, auditions. More on that later.

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