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Snapshots from Green Victoria

Hey there, June bug


The party on Sunday went quite well. We had a ton of guests over to celebrate Ashes' 21st birthday, including the special guest appearance of this not-so-little guy, whom we named Ringo.

There's nothing like the guest appearance of a Beatle to keep your dog entertained! Kyra spent almost an hour following Ringo all around our yard, while we sat around talking and feeding the fire in our penis-shaped chiminea. I didn't have to worry once where she was or what mischief she was getting into. She was too fascinated by where Ringo was crawling or what he was doing. Every so often Kyra would use her snout to move him back to our table, and we'd all lift our legs to keep the June bug from crawling up our jeans. Because I like Ringo and all, but having to touch him would completely freak me out.

So now I want to get a bunch of these clicky clacky bugs for dog entertainment value. Whenever I want to take Kyra out and not have to worry about what she's up to? Voila, June bug! The only problem would be, where would I store them?

There was one weird aspect to the day. For some reason, after everyone was gone and I was cleaning up, I realized that the lights in the basement were on. When I went downstairs, I realized it wasn't just one light, but every single light. You have to understand, these are the kind that you have to physically walk to and pull the string down to turn them on, meaning that someone had gone downstairs and manually switched on every light down there, and then decided to go back upstairs without turning them off.

A thoughtless guest? Possibly. We checked around and couldn't figure out who had been down there. What's weirder is that Josie had been nervous about Kaeden going down the stairs and had closed the door leading to the cellar and locked it around three in the afternoon.

But who would go down to the cellar to explore our place, and then just leave things undone like that? I even double checked our bulkhead, just to make sure that hadn't been tampered with, but it was locked securely. Nope.

Maybe it was just one of our ghosts making themselves known? The place does seem to have weird things happen when there is a lot of activity taking place, or excitement. The last few strange instances I've witnessed have taken place while I was having really intense conversations on the phone. One time, the volume control on our TV suddenly went from mute to the highest setting for no apparent reason. Another time, I started hearing an old Ella Fitzgerald song playing upstairs, from no radio source that I could find. Then I went back downstairs and it started playing again.

I've decided that we have party ghosts here. Hey, that's not a bad thing, right? I'll take a martini-swilling party ghost any day of the week. They are much, much friendlier, I think.

Tonight I have my meeting about Jesus Christ Superstar with my two partners in crime, the artistic director and my musical director. More on that later.

I continue to keep plugging away with my writing, too. The rewrites for Late Night are coming, but the tone is bothering me. Have to keep working at it.
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