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Odds and Sods, and tales of Gay Apostles

I hope everyone is ready to get this day over with and hop into the week-end. I know I am!

Actually, this week-end is going to be insane. It's Ashes' 21st birthday, and we have a big party planned for Sunday. On Saturday she will be going to the One Direction concert, and I've got chauffer duties. And tonight, her best friend is arriving her from Springfield. In other words, for the next three days, my life is not my own.

Even Corb is putting his stuff on hold. The next phase of his partner's desk project is probably going to have to wait until after this madness has ended, which is a shame, because he is at an important point. He finished sanding and staining the table top and it looks beautiful, but now he has placed a coat of primer on the base. This was the difficult part, as it involved painting over wood from a desk that's over 140 years old, and both of us were kind of angsty about it. It's done, but it now needs to be painted the same color as the walls in the kitchen, over and over again. That's the part that is going to have to wait.

We see the potential, though. And in the meantime, Corb is considering putting together a blog of his adventures in refurbishing. He doesn't think what I call his "adventures in refurbishing" stories will work for him--I call them "From Drab to Fab," because he thinks it's a little too gay. WHATEVER! But he did like my alternative: From Old to Bold. So, we'll see what he does with that.

In the meantime, as always, I've been hit up by the folks at The Eldredge Players to direct once again. This is an annual ordeal, which I've firmly (or maybe kind of firmly) said no to these past two years, in part because of a fracas that happened when I directed my last show for them, the beloved Drowsy Chaperone (or as a friend of mine likes to call it, The Lousy Chaperone.) Helping to call their last show kind of helped heal those wounds, and I said I would consider directing again, if the show was right. (It would be a nice way to promote my book, frankly.)

Little did I know what I'd unleashed. About two weeks ago, a member of the board came to my house while I was mowing the lawn, on the pretense that he was at the post office and saw me pull in and wanted to see the place. It made no sense since I had pulled in a half an hour before he arrived, but I played along and gave him a tour of Green Victoria. Halfway through the tour, he blurted out the real reason: they want me to direct Jesus Christ Superstar, this fall. It wasn't official they were doing it, but please think about it.

I said I would, and yesterday I received the official request from the artistic director.

I'm kind of torn. It is kind of sudden (auditions would take place after Labor Day), although I do know the show well, having played Judas many years ago. However, I don't like the venue, because the acoustics are terrible there, you don't have much space for set, and you only get two rehearsals at the place.

On the other hand, I already do have ideas for how I'd like to direct the show. The problem is, I'm not sure they are ideas they would particularly like!

The first approach would be to do it as a modern day dress Jesus Christ Superstar. All the apostles are dressed up in business suits, and the opening scene takes place in a board room (something like "JesusCorp") with Jesus at one end of a long table and Judas at the other. The Pharisees are something like a rival corporation plotting a hostile takeover. And Mary Magdalene, the whore? That one's obvious: Christ's PR person.


My other idea is a bit more conventional. Simple production, minimal set, with the exception of the cross at the end and a big visual explosion for the title number. Heavy use of projected images. It would be an approach similar to how the production I played Judas was carried out.

EXCEPT. One thing the board member suggested was that to expand the roles of women in the show (there are so few), I could give each apostle a woman by his side. And that got me thinking: why do the companions all have to be women?

Think about it: there is speculation that at least two of the apostles may have been gay. Maybe...just of the apostles might have a male companion? It wouldn't be anything really in your face, direction-wise, but it would be there. I don't think Jesus would have been upset by something like that at all.

Guess what. IT WILL NEVER FLY. This group is too conservative and would freak out if they even caught a whiff of what I had in mind.

So, gotta think about this one. But if this all comes to naught, I am okay with that. I am having too much fun with the writing! If it doesn't happen, it doesn't happen.

More to come!
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