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Snapshots from Green Victoria

Happy fireworks!

Happy fourth of July, everyone!

Here in New England, it's a bit of a downcast affair. Hurricane Arthur, which hit the North Carolina coast last night, is moving upwards, and bringing with it more rain than you can shake a stick at. As a result, my parents have postponed the annual fourth of July party at their beach house. So instead, we are having a little mini party here at Green Victoria: Annie is coming over and we are going to have one of our random Taco Fridays meals. Maybe a movie or two. Corb suggested going to the beach to see the hurricane (or its remnants) and that sounds kind of cool.

Oh! And yesterday was my last day of work for ten whole days. I can't wait! This year is all about little day trips, like our favorite amusement park or going away to New Hampshire for an evening. Plus, Corb can work on a few of the projects he has, like finishing the patio or the partners desk for the kitchen. The new home and the dog have made us sort of house bound, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

It will also give me some time to catch up on all the books I have to read or have promised to read. Self-publishing my book has been such an enlightening experience. It's hard to put into words, but I really want to start capturing some of it. Making connections and seeing what other people are doing, from so many other genres, is really eye-opening.

One of the things I've noticed is how much is out there: so many books by so many authors, and so many of them begin their bios with "[Fill in the blank] has wanted to write ever since they were five years old." And then, there are the books. So many people have great ideas, or really just want to create, but then they finish a book, edit it just a little bit, and think they are done and ready to send it out to the world. They don't work on it. They don't make sure that the spelling errors are corrected, that the word choice make sense. They don't flesh it out, cut out the dead spots, make their world richer.

It makes me learn what I can and should do better. How I can improve.

The book I am reading now by a self-published author is a fantasy. The world is interesting and the writer has an improvisational feel to their work that I like. However, as I was a quarter of the way into it, the writer received a negative two star review, because the reviewer pointed out the book was riddled with spell errors. The author asked me to stop reading it so that she could fix the errors. I agreed and moved on to another one.

Two days later, she said it was all set. The errors had all been fixed. This seemed strange to me; it hardly seemed like enough time.

I started reading again. Sure enough. This author's impatience had caused them to simply rush through their review. The result: the book still has potential, and it's still riddled with errors. It's maybe one baby step better than it was two days before.

If you are going to have pride in something, take it all the way.
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