Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Dad's day

Here's my favorite photo from Father's day. Ashes' photo bomb behind this tender portrait of me and my dad cracks me up.

Other than that, kind of a perfect day. Woke up at eight and turned my yard into a proper yard again, rather than the jungle it had become. Packed up the kids at around noon and drove to my parents’ beach house. Ate lobster—a family tradition on Father’s day. Had two. Life is good.

After that, went home and spent three hours watching a ridiculous show with Ashes and Corb: “Sing your face off.” It’s addictive, although why anyone allowed this show to be put on the air is beyond me. It’s all these semi-celebrities pretending to be full-fledged celebrities. John Barrowman is lovely as host and deserves better. The judges are a mixed bunch: Darrel Hammond looks like he is one step away from snorting another line of coke in between segments and Debbie Gibson pretends that she loves everything and everyone. They have a guest judge each segment that is usually more entertaining than the regulars.

And the celebrities! Oy. One 14 year old Disney star is actually quite talented, but people like Sebastian Bach are so bad they are almost horribly good. Or at least, fun to watch. His first go round was trying to impersonate Adam Levine, and it was such a mess. Watching a middle-aged man with a huge gut try to prance around on stage in tight fitting clothes was embarrassing to watch. His turn as Lady Gaga was even worse. The other semi-celebrities aren’t quite as bad, although none of them really look like the celebrities they are supposed to be portraying and many times, it’s clear that the producers are trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. They have this basketball guy with limited range, so they make life easy for him by assigning him rap stars, etc. Jon Lovitz plays Pavarotti and the judges pretend to act stunned at how good he is, even though a) he sounds nothing like Pavarotti and b) he is really doing his “Opera Man” schtick that he introduced on Saturday Night Live years ago. It's a total train wreck.

Anyway, that was my day. How was yours?

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