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"So how did your Mom's visit with crazy aunt Carol go?"

"Oh!" Corb rounded a bend in the road, and stopped, as Kyra sniffed around, picking up another dog's scent on some pudding stone. It was a lovely Sunday. We were at Lincoln Woods, a place frequented years ago by H.P. Lovecraft. The dog was loving life. "It was great. I am so glad I didn't go!"

Oh good, a story! "Why was it great? Was she crazier than ever?"

"No, but her son was. Brian caused a big scene at the restaurant and screamed at the waitress. He ended storming out."

"Want me to take over?" Corb handed me the chewed-on pink leash and I gave it a yank to get Krya going. "Well, that sounds delicious."

"Mom says that Brian was horrible the entire time. They all met to go to visit my grandfather's headstone, and Brian complained the whole time. 'This is taking too long, why do we have to go, my Mom and Dad are fighting too much.' On the way to the restaurant, mom offered to let Brian drive with them, so he wouldn't have to be with his parents. She said that was the biggest mistake she made."

"He was even worse." Oh, and by the way, Brian is thirty and still lives at home.


"He kept going on about the NRA and his rights as a gun owner. And then, they passed an army caravan and he totally freaked out. Said that it was for some secret government mission, that the government is always doing stuff like that these days, to take away our rights as citizens, blah blah blah. Mom tried to point out that they were near an army base but he wouldn't hear any of that. It just got him more agitated."


"She asked him why he didn't just stay home and hang around with his friends, and that made him even worse. He said he didn't have any friends to hang around with."

"So where does he get his crazy government conspiracy ideas?"

"Where else? The internet. And his parents."

This is a good point. About six months ago, they all decided to go out and buy themselves guns--one per person--to "exercise their second amendment rights."

I tell you, this is why the right scares me so much more than the left. But honestly, the conversation left me feeling sad for Brian, more than anything else. Clearly he is feeling lonely and isn't sure what to make of his life. And that makes me feel bad...bad for him, and bad for his parents. I guess stormed out of the restaurant, over the fact that the pizza he ordered was "to large" to be a personal pan pizza, aunt Carol called Corb's mom in tears, apologizing for what happened and going on and on about how they have been trying to get him to move out and frankly, they are a bit scared of him.

What do you do in a situation like that? Where does a parent's responsibility begin and end? When do kids have to start to live their own lives? But then, how could they cut the ties on a kid who is obviously isolated and probably slightly delusional. How can you set someone out like that into the world? Especially with all of the NRA crap that they've fed him?

Listen, I think we all have our own issues, so don't get me wrong. Brian's is secret government raids, whereas Corb is convinced that 9/11 was the work of the Bush administration. I am scared to death that the particle accelerator in Switzerland is going to bring about the end of the world. But when does the paranoid scared little kid inside all of us become a real issue that our loved ones have to deal with?

Deep questions for such a harmless walk in the park. Oh, and doesn't Kyra look adorable, playing in the water?
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