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Almost done with Being Miserable.

Well, the first week of Les Miz for the Eldredge Singers is over, and as I expected, everything turned out just splendidly. Despite all the stress and finger pointing that inevitably occurs during hell week, opening night was wonderful and the show was sold out on Saturday and Sunday, which is far better than any of my last few shows with the group did. Of course, the name of this show is a bit bigger than some of the last shows I did: Drowsy Chaperone isn't exactly isn't the same league (by the way, that's not a knock on Drowsy, which I like so much more than Les Miserables. It is my idea of a truly enjoyable Broadway show.)

Which begs the question: did my two week experience back in the theater scene after a two year hiatis make me yearn for more?
The answer: not really. While I enjoyed it and while it was fun to "stage manage" again, the experience didn't really inspire me to get out there and start directing like crazy again, although I did receive several offers. One friend, who runs a local black box theater, asked me to direct a production of "She Loves Me" in exchange for producing an author night promoting my book. My musical director, Tony, said he put my name in as a possibility for the Providence Opera company. And, the artistic director of the Eldredge Singers dangled the possibility of directing Chicago under my nose.

I'll think about it. It would have to be something I really feel impassioned about, I think, to get me to make a six month time commitment to directing a play. Chicago kind of comes close...I love that show! Hairspray, maybe, and if Mama Mia ever became available, I would do that in a heartbeat. Maybe The Producers, if it could be done right.

(By the way, did you notice that all the shows I like to direct are not unduly heavy? Truth be told, I kind of hate Broadway shows that are big and ponderous and take themselves really seriously. Kind of like my reading habits, I guess. I think that's part of the reason I could never get through Games of Thrones. I landed on page 400. I get far more enjoyment out of simpler things, such as, say, "The Ghost and Mrs. McClure" or "The Dark Is Rising.")

Of course, what I have enjoyed is catching up with everyone in the group, which is the main reason I said yes to begin with. That has been a blast, although things have changed in two years, and because of the nature of this show, there is a large contigent of Les Miz fanatics who are acting in this show who wouldn't know me from Adam. Being  a disembodied voice in the back of the theater didn't help that much, but I'm not sure I feel bad about that. Corb thinks I do, just a little, because he thinks I have a huge ego. I don't think so, so much. If I did, I would be doing more theater.

The three folks in the photo at the top are the some of the ones I care the most about, as they are the ones I started working with at Eldredge Players, ten years ago, on Jekyll and Hyde. Judee and Courtney, who choreograph, and Tony, who does the music. As is our custom, we took our annual "group shot" and promised to get together this summer to catch up. These are the reasons that I keep coming home again...even if I don't always visit for that long!   

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