Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

A well-traveled man.

Hope ya'll had a great week-end!

We did, although it was exhausting, because there was so much lugging and traveling. Friday I had off, and although I was hoping to relax, Josie caught wind that I had the day off and asked me to pick Ashes up from Salem and take her to her orthodontist appointment. (Really, I don't mind. Josie has to take her back tonight, so I get a break on that score.)

Saturday we rented a U-Haul and picked up the partner's desk for the kitchen from the antique shop. We then transported it back home and drove to my parents' house in Plymouth to remove all the boxes from their basement that I've been storing there for years. That means, boxes and boxes of heavy comic books. It was exhausting.

But, the partners desk is now in the kitchen. It looks great, I think, and the wood matches the original flooring of the house that's in the kitchen. Now Corb is trying to decide what to do next. He can either build down: that is, build a platform to raise the desk, or: build up, and raise the space between the desk itself and the table and insert slats to create space for wine bottles and such. Of course, he'd have to figure out how to do that. Oh, and of course, he will need to sand the desk down, stain it, etc.

Yesterday was Easter, and that meant that I drove back to my parents in Plymouth for dinner. But after I returned home at six, Corb called. He was at his brother's house in Randolph, and his mother had a freak accident with her car. As she was pulling out to bring him home, her rear windshield  exploded: blew into a million pieces! It was completely sudden and unexpected, and I'm afraid it made Corb's concussion worse, which made me feel guilty.

As a result, I had to drive out again, to pick Corb up in Randolph, then drive his brother to Revere, and then drive his mom home to Waltham. We arrived back at our place at around eleven.

As a result, I'm tired today! So, more stories tomorrow... that's all I have in me for today...go take on the Monday!
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