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Productive on Pictures

I love Saturday mornings, because I get to really focus on things I love, like getting the word out about my book. (Pictures of You...yeah, yeah, yeah, I may have mentioned that before, or maybe a million times, I know...)

So today, I mailed out all the autographed copies I had left to send, and in the process, used up another box of books, which meant I needed to order another box. I also received a really sweet letter from a friend who had offered to serve as a beta reader, but also bought the Kindle version and requested an autographed copy.

It's just really powerful when you get a hand-written letter from someone who really understands what I was trying to get across, in my own strange, fractured way. Things like recovering from the the loss of a loved one, the strange broken relationship so many of us have with our parents, and undoubtedly, how it feels to be different from everyone else. Almost invisible. And then, issues like gender identity or autism or bullying, and the power social media has to heighten these differences...or bridge the gap, in some cases.

Honestly, I started getting a little choked up. I look at her letter and it makes me smile inside.

After that, I met with an owner of a local book store and really cool place called Ugly Dog Books and the meeting was extrrrrrrremely productive. In fact, I'm pleased to say Pictures of You will be showcased as their featured book for May's Author Showcase. There will be an event for THAT on April 25 from 6-7 p.m. And then, they will also be holding a book signing event taking place on Saturday, May 9, from 2-3 p.m.

So, all in all, a pretty productive day, so far. And it's only one in the afternoon. I think I deserve lunch!
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