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One of the obsessions that Corb and I currently share is the second series of House of Cards. We loved the first series and couldn't wait until the new series appeared on NetFlix, and since it has, we've been going through the episodes at a fairly steady clip. Well...for us. I mean, we don't really have the time or capacity to gobble through a series in a day or two. We get too distracted by other shiny objects.

Anyway, without giving away any of the plot twists, we reached a point where a certain episode rekindled a recurring argument in our household: does Frank Underwood  prefer to be with men or women?

"I think he would rather be with men," is Corb's opinion.

I don't think it's that simple. I think that Frank Underwood is bisexual and endlessly curious when it comes to everything in life, including sexual engagement. Men, women, multiple partners...bring it on.

"I agree that he is bisexual, but I think he prefers men," Corb replied. "His relationships with women usually have a secondary purpose. His male relationships just seem more natural to me."

See, I don't know if I agree. I think that his most natural relationship is with his wife, played by Robin Wright. The two were made for each other! I think that Frank likes to play games, sexual games, games of intrigue, games of violence, and in his wife he's found a companion that he plays these games best with. This is why she is his life's companion, and who he truly prefers to be with, and I'm not certain that any man could ever occupy such a role in his life for very long.

Corb disagrees. He thinks his marriage is all about image. He thinks of her more as a companion or friend.

"Lovers are temporary," I argue. "She's his lifetime companion...and that involves sex, and it's something far more valuable and deeper than a lover."

"But he clearly preferred the guard," Corb countered (and I hope I haven't given anything away).

"He preferred the guard because he was a new sexual experience. He's had his wife over and above and in every room of the house. So, of course he preferred the guard this one time. But overall, he is far more interested in his wife than he ever could be in the guard. He would run out of things to intellectually fuck around with the guard on in very short order. And that's important, because relationships are built for the long run."

Maybe it's just the way we see things, I guess. I see sexuality as existing on a one is pure gay or pure straight. It's all a mix, and everyone exists somewhere in the middle. I like the ambiguity of life and sexuality. And Corb does, too, he just sometimes sees things a bit more black and white than I do.

Corb would never flirt with a woman, for example. He doesn't see the point.

I, on the other hand, love flirting with women. Women are usually better at it than men. They get that flirting doesn't have to go beyond a certain line. Men usually want to...plunge. Flirting doesn't have to involve plunging.

This is what drives Corb nuts. We have one friend, Hot Coco, who is always flirting with me. I like to flirt back. Would anything come of it? Never! I like men far more, so how could it? And yet, Corb is always worried that Hot Coco is going to steal me away. I can assure him: it would never happen.

Anyway, interested in other people's thoughts, either on sexuality or House of Cards. Are we the only freaks fascinated by Frank Underwood's sexual fascinations?  
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