Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Tedwords Picture Parade: In the dog house


Since today is throwback Thursday, I thought I'd share a photo of me from high school. And you may ask yourself: Why am I in tights? And maybe, why am I licking from a dog bowl?

Do you even need to ask these things, any more?

Honestly, there is a reason, and it doesn't even involve alcohol. I was in a production of Camelot at the time, and we had a dog as one of the actors. A big, furry, floppy dog, who hung around with Pelly. And the nice doggie was on stage, and the dog bowl was just sitting around empty and...

Yeah, well. It seemed funny at the time. And the sad thing is, I have photos of me doing more embarrassing things.

Here's a better photo of me in high school, for those who are curious.
high school

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