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Tedwords Picture Parade: Inside the abode


A few folks have asked for photos inside the new home, and I know, I know, I've been really awful about sharing. So tonight, I trolled around my Facebook and Corb's to find some of my favorite photos to share. To start with, here's one of the exterior, shortly after the recent Stormageddon  that blanketed much of the country last week. Just so you have the outside perspective.

living room

Here's a photo of the main living room the day we moved in. Note the spiral staircase, but also the lime green couch in the center. It was a prop I acquired from a production of Kiss Me Kate I directed. Corb hates it; I love it. I think it probably won't be in the living room for long, although that area is perfect for a couch, especially on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

living room2

Another view of the living room, a few weeks later. It leads into the kitchen and sun room.


The kitchen area. We still need something to go underneath that overhead lamp. At the very least, so Corb doesn't bump his head.

sun room

The sun room, taken this morning. That's Oliver, our orange cat, along with Yurick, Corb's favorite pet. Yurick doesn't vomit or wipe his butt on the floor. But anyway, imagine waking up to that view! It's one of my favorite things about this house.


The den, which is hidden away from the rest of the house. That bookshelf full of DVDs is only one of three others. And the others are larger. At the center of the room is of course a large wide screen TV. In surround sound.

kays bedroom

Ashley's bedroom. The rest of the room doesn't really matter much, even though she has a beautiful balcony. But all she cares about are the book shelves.


The master bedroom, affording another great view of the front of the house. The sun comes up in the morning through the windows, and it's beautiful.


My study. Yes, I sigh whenever I say that! You can't see it, but the study is located underneath one of the turrets, on the left side of the house. The ceiling opens up so you look up to the top, which is really cool. Although it's somewhat small, it's just what I am looking for. Yes, that is a Cyberman mask on one of the shelves. Besides, it's only one of my offices. On the other side of the second floor, where the washer and dryer is located, there's another desk area set up, with Corb's computer. I find I like to move around, between to the two desk areas and into the bedroom, to spread makes me feel more creative.

No, if only I could harness that creativity. So far I only have two more pages written of the Diva Rotundo. It's bubbling up, I can feel it. But it still has a ways to go...

So, there you are, that's my house. There are still a ton of weird nooks and crannies that I haven't shared. More to come! And don't worry, there will be more. I decided today that I plan to live in this house for a long, long time to come...

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