Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Some suggestions for Lady GaGa

This past few weeks, Corb has been playing the new Lady GaGa CD, ArtPoop...I mean, POP, incessently. I mean, like, over and over and over and over. Everywhere. At all times.

He's always been like that, and was the same way with The Fame Monster and Born this Way. However, he's had this CD for about three weeks and it really took him a while to warm up to it. And even then, there's still one song on the CD, a rap song, that he can't stand and skips over it every time it comes on.

Since I am bad about these things, I've also been interested to see what a big bomb the album has been. It hit number one when it came out, but quickly plummeted after the first week (and didn't match the first week sales of her other albums.) Lady Gaga has apparantly freaked out about this, firing members of her staff, blaming people for lack of support, apologizing to her fans and promising them that she will go back to being the "goddess they expect her to be."

I think therein lies the problem.

After listening to the CD OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN, I have the following suggestions.

First off, it's not a bad album. There are some good songs on it (Applause, Venus and Do What You Want are the best, in my opinion.) But it kind of reminds me of a mid-seventies Elton John album, like Rock of the Westies or Caribou, when Elton was distracted and pressured and kind of removed from his fans and just living the high life. (Since Elton is one of her idols, this is possibly not far removed from the truth.) In those albums, there were one or two really solid, catchy tunes, but the larger quantity (anyone listen to Dan Dare, Pilot of the Future lately?) are not remembered any more, because they were simply...well, not really that good.

Having said that, I have three additional suggestions:

--I have no interest in anyone being a "goddess" for me. I honestly find such a comment to be condescending, irritating, and obnoxious.
-- On that note, I would suggest toning down lines in your songs such as "I'm rich as piss." Most people are not rich as piss. In fact, most people are not rich as piss at all. To brag about being rich as piss (or just as bad, "don't you know my ass is famous") makes you seem really full of yourself and that's...well, kind of unappealing.
--Don't write whole songs about people like Donatella Versace that you pal around with. Again, most people can't relate. Also, she doesn't really sound all that interesting (and frankly, being a "rich bitch" who only "eats a salad all day" doesn't make her sound that appealing, either...)

So, basically what I am saying is...Lady GaGa, you might want to get a grip and try to be a little bit less full of yourself. Your CD sales might improve if you did. Oh, and one other suggestion: don't do any more stupid TV specials using The Muppets as props.
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