Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Mission accomplished!

So, I am sitting here, typing away, my delicate posterior resting atop the mattress in our master bedroom, looking out the bay windows that provide a wonderful view of our front lawn. And, smiling.

Yep, we made it! We closed on the house on Friday afternoon, after the fire inspection passed in the morning and we made one final inspection of the premises. The closing was not without stress: when Corb typed in the address for the law firm where the signing was taking place, it defaulted to another location, a fact we didn't realize until five minutes before closing, which cost us another half an hour. We were freaking out. It was okay.

After that, the moving took place. Here's a tip: book horders make the worst movers. Corb was fit to be tied. Boxes upon boxes of heavy books had to make their way from the third floor apartment to the home. By the end of the evening, we were exhausted, and collapsed upon the mattress we threw down on our living room floor.

The next day, more moving too place. The heavy stuff with movers, in the morning. That afternoon, with the need to be careful about incurring any more debt eliminated, we finalized the purchase of our sofas, a bed for Ashes, and the purchase of a desk.

FOR MY OWN STUDY! Yes, finally, after only twenty freaking years of want, I have my own study. My own study! A place to write, to create, to get Pictures of You wrapped up, and Late Night Show, and Amelia's Bones...and the Diva, of course. Definitely the Diva.

Mission accomplished. Sunday and Monday we moved more boxes, unpacked, and learned to relax in our new location. The kids have been with us since Sunday, the cats since Saturday. Our grizzled old feline, Haley, took to the place immediately. Our scaredy boy cat, Oliver, hid under a couch for the first few hours. Conversely, the more outgoing Theo took to the place immediately, while our scaredy girl child, Ashes, has taken to resting on the couch for two days. The first night, I slept next to her on the chair next to the couch. This is a house built in 1880, after all. I had to protect her from ghosts.

We are now 75 percent moved. Of the boxes we have moved, we are about 75 percent unpacked. Less than one percent of our Christmas presents are wrapped. And...I am 100 percent happy, right now. Our mission is accomplished. We have our dream house. Yes, dreams do come true.

Merry Christmas, my friends. I hope the next few days are a thing of wonder of beauty for you.

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