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For "(" read "<"

(hypertext= "insert sarcastic tone here")

Hmmm, I just read that the Dell computer dude was arrested on drug charges. Well, my my my, now that's a TOTAL shock, isn't it? The Dell guy on drugs, who woulda thunk it?

(/sarcastic tone)

Having said that, now there's one boy whose hard drive I wouldn't mind testing...although for some reason, I just have this feeling that he probably doesn't have much RAM...

(hyperlink: "insert rim shot"--no, Red, not rim job!!!)

On an entirely unrelated note, Wednesday's my night out as the next installment in our experiment. And I'm not certain I really want to go out with Peter, for some reason. Especially since I've got a fairly persuasive reason not to... (insert silly grin here)

On another completely unrelated note, thanks for the astrology lesson, Walter!

(end transmission)
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