Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria



Life is insane right now. I barely know if I'm coming or going, between the packing for the move to the house, trying to make sure we get everything that needs to be done accomplished, and oh yeah, by the way, Christmas is only a few weeks away.
Late last week we found out that the mortgage loan has been approved by underwriting. Today we learn because they are set, they now want to move up the closing date. That might give us more time to be in the house before Christmas, but the home inspection for insurance hasn't taken place yet, so I can't give them one important piece of information just yet. Trying to move that along as fast as I can.

Sunday we spent the whole day packing. Pack, pack, pack. Oh that, and cleaning up cat vomit. That was totally disgusting.I am now surrounded by boxes, but at least we are cat vomit free.

For now.

Plus, work has been so busy. Joe kept me in the office until eight tonight.

Going to bed now. Completely exhausted. And yet, in spite of the hectic life I'm living right now, I am rather happy. This is all pretty damn good stuff happening to me, and I am grateful.
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