Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Fabulous at fifty

What's today all about? Doctor Who's 50th, of course. Can't wait to see the show today!

Of course, I'm posting an image of my favorite doctor. I mean, Matt Smith is okay, but David Tennant is far superior. I would choose Tom Baker as the second best these days (he was the first one I knew, and I am still fond of the old guy), followed by Jon Pertwee and then Patrick Troughton. Matt Smith would be number four, although his run on the series became markedly better when they ditched Amy and introduced Clara.

The years I have spent watching this show! Last night I had a marathon and stayed up until three watching old episodes. I know, I know, I am a total geek, but Doctor Who just has a feeling and a narrative flow that few other TV shows can equal.

I remember seeing it for the first time, years ago. That long winding greenish tube, and that eerie out-of-this world electronica. Oh, and it's split into four episodes usually! I was hooked. And when I realized there were more doctors than Tom Baker, that this was a long tradition, I became even more fascinated.

My favorite companion will always be Sarah. That will never change. The first episode I ever watched was The Arc in Space and I fell in love with her from the beginning. My second favorite is Donna, followed a close third by Rose.

And, oh! When it was revived (under the amazing guidance of Russell T. Davies), I was cautious at first. I thought watching Doctor Who was a thing of my childhood. I stopped after Tom Baker (I am watching the later doctors now from the first run. It's taken me years to catch up, because I went through all the adventures of the first four, first.) Then, one night, I decided to buy the first series. As something I would like like. As something I  could watch, without Corb and the kids. Problem is, first Corb liked it, too, then the kids. Theo scoffed at the first episode, then grew to like the show. Now he's almost as big a fan as I am.

So, today is a special day for my family. Josie is even getting a special Doctor Who something something to eat while we watch the show. This is bigger than the Superbowl or the World Series, if you ask me. This is Doctor Who! Thanks for all the entertainment you've given through the years.  
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