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Snapshots from Green Victoria

Today's inspection...and, yesterday's.


"See? The inspection wasn't that bad?" I said to Corb Saturday afternoon, after having endured three and a half hours of walking around the (maybe) new house with the home inspector. "And my parents loved the place. All in all, I'd say that's a pretty productive morning."

"Which means, I walked around with the home inspector most of the time while you took your family on a tour." Corb grinned and flicked on his car's blinker to head on to the highway. We were now going furniture shopping. Or at least, looking to see what kind of furniture we would like to get when we moved in. "Ah, it's okay. I'm the one who really needs to know what needs to be fixed."

"And I'm the one who has to pay for that. See, it's a fair trade." I put down my iPhone, which I had been obsessively fiddling with. "It was nice that he said that for such an old home, it isn't in bad shape at all. In fact, better than most. That made me feel better."

"Built in 1870," said Corb. "Did I tell you about my talk with the lady from the Eldredge Historical Society?"

"You spoke with someone from the Historical Society?" I grinned. "Another day in the secret life of Corbie."

"Well, you knew that I went to the library to research the place," he said. "After that I sent her an email, because they didn't have all that much information. They said the Historical Society would have a lot more, and sure enough, she did. Although I did get her angry with me at first. She said the president of the historical society lived in our same apartment complex, and I asked who he was. And she kind of took a tone, and said, 'You know, young man, presidents can be female, too.'"

I nodded. "Historical society members can get like that. So what did she say?

"Well, you knew that the place had been moved to its current location in the sixties. She told me that it used to be right in the center of Eldredge, where the Papa Gino's is currently located. The owner at the time saved it from demolition and moved it three miles away to where it is now. I guess the original owners were big something somethings in the city of Eldredge. Edward S Horton owned it, and he was this big civil war hero. His brother lived right across the street from him, and he was even more influential. Of course, at that time, that part of Eldredge on Route 152 was made up of all these beautiful Victorians. It's hard to see that now, now that it's zoned for business."

"I bet that area looked a lot better now than it does then," I replied. "But it's kind of exciting to think we're owning a piece of history."

"I'm thinking about picking up some of the original photos off the area and framing the copies. I think that would be kind of fun to hang from the walls."

"I agree," I replied, and went back to fiddling with my iPhone. It's kind of fun to start building our looking back on the past.

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