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Happy. Little. Bluebirds.

Now, I know, I know. I know what you think of, when you think of us.

judyAdmit it. You always think to yourself, "Gee, that Ted and Corb always behave in such a masculine and rugged fashion, they just take that stereotype of the gay male couple and rip it a new one. In fact, it's almost hard to believe they actually ARE a gay couple, and not simply really, really, really close rugged friends, like Errol Flynn and Cary Grant!"*

And you would be correct, of course. And, thank you! I guess. Still, there are those moments when perhaps we...well, shall we say, indulge in a few stereotypes. Take this week-end, for example.

As we were engaging in a bit of retail shopping madness, what did Corb come across but the complete CD of Judy Garland Live at Carnegie Hall. And this entire week-end, as we've been driving around this great country of ours, we've been listening to the whole CD.

What a great concert! I had never heard the whole thing before. I have read about it, of course, and I actually have a friend whose mother worked backstage at Carnegie Hall in those days, and told her stories about this particular concert. Let's just say Miss Garland wasn't exactly drinking ice water during the concert and leave it at that. (PS: I wouldn't be if I were her, either.)

So this morning, as we are heading home from the supermarket, we get to the encores at the end of the show. And as the orchestra starts up, and as we hear the opening strains of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"...and as one thinks of the fact that this was her 1961 comeback concert, and all she had already been through in her life, and all she would face in the next eight years...

And then, as she starts to sing, you hear her voice catch at the beginning of the song. It's as if she's thinking about the life she's led and how wonderful it is to be surrounded by so many people that love her and doing the thing that loves most of all...

Well, I don't want to say these two rugged masculine men were sitting in the parking lot of Target with the radio cranked up really loudly, wiping away tears from our eyes. However, I do want to apologize to the lady sitting in the car next to us. Because it couldn't have a pretty sight at all.

As Corb pointed out afterwards, I don't think it's possible to get much gayer than that. So of course, you will have the good taste not to go and mention this to anyone else. Right? Thanks!

*Note to self: yes, this is a really obscure gay in-joke that possibly no one else will get.
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