Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Goal posts

Work: I'm thinking of taking this off my goal list. Work is going great and I have no worries here. So, as of today, I am retiring this goal post.

Home: I received my signing bonus on Friday, and although it was great news, all the money was sucked up: paying off the American Express debt I owed from my last job (over $2,000), paying off the final credit card I had (another $2,000), and refilling my savings account to pay off all the money I spent for the New Orleans and Missouri trips. The important thing is, I paid off that last credit card, which means I've done all I can do to get my credit rating up as high as I can get it.

Once that kicks in, I should be able to get my pre-approval amount, and once that's done we start house hunting. So, I am inches away from completing this goal.

Health: The bad news is: the 15 pounds I was told I lost was a mistake, and I've actually only lost ten pounds. No matter, I am still at ten pounds, and I have been exercising lately, too. So, I think this goal is moving along, although I still want to be in the 160s, not the 170s.

Writing: I've input all of Ashes' changes and just finished my review of the manuscript. I've lined up a cover artist and just secured someone to do a final proof of it. So again, I am inches away from completing this goal.

Relationship: Going strong. Thinking about December :)
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