Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Wednesday July 24

Corn and I woke up early to head off to Missouri to meet his family. It went like this: car ride to Braintree, train to South Station, Silver Line to Logan airport, then to Dallas, then to Missouri. We are staying in Lee's Summit.

Corb's best bud in Missouri is his cousin Shelley. She has a gathering of his relatives that night...her kids, her hubby, her brother, who is a sod farmer, his girlfriend, Shelley's mom and her husband (they have been together 30 years but only married five years ago due help with health insurance.)

I instantly feel a bond with Shelley's mom. She is a big Dr. Who fan. Wears colorful mumus around the house with skull and crossbones designs that she makes herself. Spunky. I like that :)

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