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Stupid Shit I Read in People Magazine (July 15 edition)

Oh, oh, oh, oh. Oh!

This week's issue of People magazine...or was it last week's? I think I actually have next week's issue, too. Gah, the early cover dating to try and maximize sales ploy always messes me up...

Matt PerryAnyway, this week's issue reminded me that I had wanted to post SOMETHING about the fact that former New England Patriots tight end (that always sounds so dirty to me) and current suspected mass murderer Aaron Hernandez lives only two minutes away from the old Homestead. I mean, you could literally walk to his home from my old home. Not that I would!

Can you believe it? We have a mass murderer in our neighborhood! And we don't even live in New York City.

In fact, on the day the body of his former "friend" (with friends like these...) was discovered, Corb was driving through the Industrial Park where the body was discovered, to pick up the kidlets, and noticed a bunch of police officers scouring the woods. He remembers thinking at the time, "Now, this is odd." Then the thought popped out of his head.  I only learned about that one a week after it happened...Corb gets distracted by shiny objects.

Actually, Annie was friendly with Aaron Hernandez. Because she used to work in the hotel industry, she struck up a friendship with him while he was a rookie and she was working at a hotel near Foxboro stadium. She said he seemed like a really nice, down to earth guy. And, she had bumped into him at the supermarket a few days before the murder and spoke to him for a half an hour about things like babies and diapers. You know, new parent kind of things.

She feels kind of sad about the whole thing. I just find it interesting that you can know someone one a new parent, as a sweet rookie player...and because you know him or her in that manner, you find it hard to see that person in another light...say, as a gangsterish thug who seems to likes to orchestrate executions.

We get stuck. I think there's a scientific term for it. Our initial impression of a person becomes the predominate impression--we see them as we knew them. It's kind of like my relationship with my sister Laurie. It will never progress any farther because we knew each other (to quote Doctor Who) in a fixed time and place. That transcends all, that defies any sense of time or passage or growth. Or, lack of growth. Annie wants to see him as a sweet new father with a gazillion dollars from a big football team.

It's kind of like how I see Matthew Perry. I want to see him as that annoying Chandler on the show Friends, not as an Asian Addict, which it appears he's turned in to. Why he's addicted to Asians is beyond me, frankly. I mean, I find many Asians attractive, but I wouldn't exactly say that I'm addicted to any one race of people...oh, what? Oh, that's "As an Addict"? I always do read those headlines way too quickly...

Anyway, today is the day that I speak with my boss about my last day at work! I handed in my notice last Wednesday, but he then went away to Mexico for a week and I haven't spoken with him since. Today should actually be my last day in the office, doing actual work. I'm planning to go to New York to go over the transition Monday and Tuesday, and then have a trip to Missouri with Corb to visit some relatives of his. Expect lots of farm photos!

This has been a weird week. Organizing your life for departure after twenty years at one place is just a strange feeling. More on that later.
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